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Objective of the client is the requalification of the area of the “ex Fonderia Bastianelli ” located in the heart of the San Lorenzo neighborhood in Rome, by means of an architectural intervention which bestows added value to the surrounding areas. The aim is to create a building complex of salient urban and architectural significance, while meeting the demands of the real estate market for minimalistic living environments. Essential to the outcome of the project is the establishment of a balance between a modern structure and restoration of the pre-existing one, through planning choices which enhance both. Both structures are connected via a private underground parking lot, and present an assorted offering of apartments designed to satisfy the differing needs of various family units.


The project is composed of three separate structures, two that extend vertically and one of terraced houses, destined primarily for residential use with commercial businesses occupying the ground floor along the street. 

The infrastructural solutions enacted are aimed at satisfying energy efficiency and savings requirements, by use of advanced home automation and photovoltaic systems which supply a heat pump, responsible for internal heating and cooling. The three buildings enjoy an ample appurtenant garden, essential defining element, in which fruit-bearing tree species and plants will be seeded, while external lighting will occur by the use of efficient LED lamps, rechargeable by solar panels.



Upon completion of the project the neighborhood will be enriched by a modern structure that enhances pre-existing ones, not merely reducing them to secondary roles but elevating them by means of integration into the building. On one hand there are suggestive historical facades, seamlessly integrated into the structure while maintaining their architectural relevance, and on the other a framework/truss of wood and steel of the historic “Fonderia Bastianelli”, which represents one of the sites responsible for the robust manufacturing enterprises of the area, now being restored and situated as part of the internal garden of the complex.

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