Thermal Imaging

With the use of thermal imaging analysis on electrical systems it is possible to identify anomalies invisible to visual inspection such as electrical overload, imbalances, clamping defects on terminal boxes, and oxidation.

Thermographic techniques permit corrective and predictive maintenance, by distance assessment and measurement of heat produced by the electrical component being observed.

Thermographic analysis is a powerful tool in evaluating the health of an electrical system; such evaluation, as described in regulation UNI EN 9712, must be performed when the system is under full load. The distance at which it is performed always guarantees the safety of the assessing expert as well as without interrupting the operation of the system.

Such measurement has the objective of locating risk factors caused by overheating in components, which may require correctional intervention or repeated measurements in the future.

The Client's

Thermal imaging of electrical systems, besides being a valuable instrument in assessing the status and therefore safety levels, represents an essential element to obtain a reduction of the insurance premium.

BM Engineering's Modus Operandi

  • As always, the first meeting with a client permits establishment of a plan aimed at meeting the client’s needs and requirements.
  • A request for technical documentation in the client’s possession is made, so that a preliminary analysis of the intervention may be performed
  • An on-site inspection is performed, necessary to locate all the electrical equipment to be inspected, as well as provide an estimate.
  • A subsequent visual inspection ascertains the general condition of the wear of electrical systems. The inspection is performed using infrared imaging of all electrical components detected, with particular attention and care given to single components and low voltage circuit board connections.
  • In the final phase analysis, interpretation, and processing of the collected images is completed by use of specialized software as well as preparation of complete inspection documentation, detailing floor plans indicating the position of all electrical systems analyzed.

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