General integrated planning, entailing all the technical facets of the entire planning process (urban/authorization, architectural, structural, systemic, fire-prevention etc.) is becoming increasingly frequent. 

Such has required, in recent years, a substantial revision of the “sole planner” figure, no longer capable of adequately meeting the demands and requirements present in a project; hence the fundamental reason behind the birth of the “Engineering/Architectural Firm”.

The Client's

Having access to technical support in every situation and, above all, a single agent who receives and develops their requests, unifying all the industries and sectors involved in the construction process (technical/financial and legislative).

BM Engineering's Modus Operandi

  • Reception of the client’s desires and acquisition of all documentation required, and initialization of the process of research among the various public archives.
  • Comprehensive inquiry to determine with utmost certainty the feasibility of the operation. In this phase both on-site as well as eventual specialized surveys are planned and conducted; such specialized surveys may include (but are not limited to) geological, structural and systemic surveys (etc.), the latter in particular in the event of a pre-existing building.
  • Project timetable, beginning with the authorization phase and ending with the building phase, with the necessary index of detailed plans, all tailored to the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Blueprint of the proposal, with particular attention to the acquisition of the necessary permits and authorizations necessary to commence the building project.
  • Draft of all the executive and definitive plans required to complete the building project, including metric/distance calculations, official timetables and administrative paperwork required for the opening of various public contracts.


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