Engineering and Construction Work

By “engineering of a project” we intend the essential step, from the final draft of the project (responsible for defining various required procedures and detecting unique aspects, to the identification of each “single component” of all facets regarding the implementation/construction of a complete building, the so-called “costruttivo di officina (?)”.

Engineering has two essential objectives: the former is to produce project outlines which allow for an unambiguous interpretation of their contents, hence avoiding erroneous interpretations on behalf of the construction workers and, even more so, of the construction firms, thus facilitating the process; the latter, being equally important, is to have detailed graphically the effective composition of the structure, for purposes of future intervention, outlined in the draft.

The Client's

Possession, in the planning phase, of requirements regarding costs, construction schedule and structure quality.

BM Engineering's Modus Operandi

  • Drafting of technical tables relative to all building procedures.
  • Analytic account of all potential building conflicts (architectural, structural and systemic).
  • Scrutiny of the technology available to the construction firms, with the evaluation of potential critical elements.
  • Drafting of all necessary blueprints required for construction. Upon aforementioned blueprints unique identification codes, essential for the technical and financial management of the project, will be included.
  • Revision of the blueprints in the event of planning changes, carried out in real time, during and up to completion of the project, so as to have plans (known as “as built”) which accurately reflect the structure in testing and successive phases.

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