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Experience, professionalism, ambition, management skills and tenacity: such resulted in her very own firm, BM Engineering.


BM Engineering’s architectural language is aimed to meet the demands of contrasting aspects; the architectural project often integrates the surrounding countryside, but also contrasts and occupies a prominent role. Tradition is always respected, even if revisited in a modern light. The architectural project is always produced in tandem with new technologies, and, above all, with the effective feasibility of that which is planned. The “concept” of the project must always be feasible.

BM Engineering is able to respond to the “turnkey” requirement of a project because management of the project is carried out from beginning to end, by way of an integrated planning process.

This entails the enacting of multiple aspects related to planning, from structures to to fire-prevention to infrastructural design, without resorting to outsourcing, thus guaranteeing complete control over every phase.

BM Engineering’s computer systems are state-of-the-art, and Internal Human Resources are capable of working completely independently.

BM Engineering’s “innovator” idea is to extend highly specialized technical “savoir-faire” to the coordination and optimization of the entire construction and industrial process of “building”. Such implies that the execution of a project, in every facet and detail, has as a unique objective its on-site implementation, or, in other words, the blueprint is a byword for the construction process

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