Fire Prevention and Safety

The D.P.R.151 of 2011 defines the guidelines under which various businesses must operate, according to their level of risk. The law identifies three categories: low, medium and high risk.

For low risk enterprises obtaining an opinion of the fire safety compliance of the project is not required; SCIA fire-prevention documentation is provided and within 60 days on-site inspection, randomly chosen, is performed by the Fire Department.

For medium risk enterprises the law imposes the requirement to obtain documentation regarding the fire safety compliance of the project from the Fire Department. Upon completion of the project the SCIA (Declaration of Enterprise Inauguration) is provided and, as previously indicated for the low-risk category, an eventual random on-site inspection is performed.

For high-risk enterprises the law is even more strict. Not only is the fire safety compliance documentation required, but the on-site inspection by the Fire Dept. is required and in the case of a positive result the C.P.I. (Certificate of Fire Prevention)


The Client's

Meeting fire safety standards as detailed in the D.P.R. 151/2011 represents not only an obligation but also a necessary condition to obtain, in case of accidents, reimbursement on behalf of the insurance company.

BM Engineering's Modus Operandi

  • An initial consultation constitutes the first step in meeting the client’s requirements. The meeting is a prerequisite for planning the objectives to follow and consequently the necessary professional and technical resources required for completion of the project.
  • The client will be asked to review the documentation in their possession or, in the case that such documentation should not be in their possession, the responsibility of acquisition of said documentation shall be BM Engineering’s, even by means of access to public records.
  • An accurate on-site inspection will follow in order to ascertain eventual critical elements, dimensions and limits of the project. In this step it will be possible to provide an estimate that takes into consideration the intrinsic and extrinsic characteristics of the project.
  • On the basis of the estimate the fire safety component of the project will be drafted. Should work be required to this end, metric calculations shall be performed to present to the business, with the aim of obtaining financially advantageous solutions.
  • The presentation of the evaluation of the project is presented to the Fire Department, with particular attention to including the evaluation request with the relative documentation. The latter includes a technical survey and graphical tables permitting adequate evaluation of the project compliance with required legislation.
  • Upon the approval of the Fire Department, the required construction work necessary to meet fire safety regulations shall be executed.
  • At the end of the previous step, the SCIA fire prevention together with the necessary technical documentation shall be presented.
  • On-Site inspection by the Fire Department is awaited, during which assistance will be provided.


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