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Wading through Italy’s complex legal system

Business owners operating in Italy know well that it is not always an easy task to juggle the myriad of existing regulations and technicalities; however, it is essential that business is always conducted within legislative requirements and within the full respect of the law. As such, BM Engineering offers the best assistance to its clients, helping them navigate the complex and technical elements of the law which often follow legal paperwork, for example, the obtainment of a commercial business licence, thus minimizing risks for the client.

A practical example

The architect Barbara Tè, who is the founding member and leader of BM Engineering, gives us a practical example to shed some light on how easily a project may be compromised.

“Previously, we undertook a case where a supermarket, abandoned for many years because of the proprietary business’s failure, still had crates and boxes inside. -explains Barbara Tè- We performed an inquest for this commercial enterprise designated as a ‘medium-sized retail enterprise’, noticing that a technicality of the Regional Law No. 33 of 1999 could potentially obstruct the acquisition of a commercial licence. We promptly contacted our team of consultants and lawyers, thanks to whom we were able to further investigate the matter. Consequently, a study of previous verdicts and similar cases of other businesses which were granted their commercial licences was completed; based on the collected information we interpreted and resolved the technicality, so the client’s request could conclude positively.”

What are the risks for the client?

While Italian regulations and norms can often be difficult and complex, requiring at times interpretation, business owners who superficially address the legislative aspect of their enterprise often run great risks. Once again, the architect Barbara Tè explains why: “A complete assessment of the commercial aspect as well as the technical one is essential, because there are significant risks just around the corner for the client who disregards either. A business venture, while awaiting a commercial licence, must be entirely up to code in regards to a host of regulations and laws; in fact, the granting of a business licence is not a foregone conclusion by any means. As such, one risks completing construction before requesting a licence to be met with a resounding NO, which naturally constitutes a great risk.” 

What is the approach that distinguishes BM Engineering?

From the example previously detailed it is obvious how crucial being in line with legal requirements is when opening a business in the commercial, hospitality or cultural sector.

Precisely for this reason it is of the essence to have experts assisting you in navigating the complex Italian legal system. “I always repeat to my colleagues and co-workers that the so-called ‘Murphy’s Law’ is always waiting to pounce. -explains Barbara Tè- If something is not comprehensively investigated, it is that particular element that will make our castle fall. For this reason we at BM Engineering check each and every detail, getting to the bottom of every matter, without ever throwing in the towel.”

Having partners knowledgeable about managing legal intricacies that are behind every business is therefore fundamental: only then will unpleasant surprises be avoided. 

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